My name is Hans Stokken, I was born and raised in Norway and immigrated to the USA in 1957. My wife and I have own and operated a flower shop and nursery for many, many years. The day I realized my days as a nurseryman was coming to an end I started looking for some other activity to take part in. I have also been interested in working with wood. A friend showed me his wood carving and I took part in a wood carving class. There are several types of carvings, I took part in all, but has settled on what is called chip carving. I love chip carving and am trying to make many patterns as well as items to chip carve on.  Most of the items I carve on are made by me. I make an item, chip carve on it, or stain it and chip carve through the stain, and then cover it with polyurethane spray. This is a wonderful hobby. Being that there is always cost to everything I like to sell an item now and again. Wood is expensive, knives, stain, polyurethane and on and on. If you see an item you would like to own click on ‘Contact’ at the top of this page.